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You can also purchase any song from the Album for a $1.50. Simply type in the song title, then click on the Buy Button below, and I will email you an MP3 of it.

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My latest CD is called “Music and Friends”. Below is a track listing, along with a brief description of the tracks.

  1. It's a Beautiful Day for a Beer - up-tempo country song about summer long weekends
  2. Come See the Stars - romantic acoustic folk waltz
  3. Middle Aged and Overweight - whimsical up-tempo acoustic country piece
  4. Offense Scores, Defense Wins Games - hard driving country rocker
  5. I Am the Kyle - slow dramatic accordion based song about a Newfoundland steamship
  6. Let's Talk New Brunswick - high energy “Maritime Rap” piece
  7. The Prodigal Son(g)s Tour - Acadian style account of my New Brunswick tour
  8. An Instrumental Break - a medley of three instrumentals, from lullaby to flamenco
  9. Music and Friends - Music Hall style sing-a-long waltz
  10. The Christmas Truce - dramatic story song about the 1st Christmas of World War 1
  11. The Ballad of Kwakiutl - cheesy country parody about Brampton’s infamous statue
  12. Jerry and Jim - mellow rock song saluting April Wine’s bass player and drummer
  13. Decompress - parody of Bob Dylan circa 1965
  14. Stan Rogers - dramatic folk rock piece about the Canadian Folk music icon

Here is a complete set of lyrics…